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Wildlife fancier reveals the secrets of magnificent photography

Tony Moss, an award winning photographer, has revealed a very impressive know-how of wildlife at the Moors Valley Country Park, located near Ringwood. While speaking at a preview of Brit Wildlife Photography Awards exhibit, Moss, whose picture of a Bearded Reedling was Highly Commended in the contest, took a jam-packed audience on a travel to some of his top fav places as he explained how he works with the natural rhythms of each animal to capture his stunning imagery.

His Highly Commended snap was clicked at Radipole Lake in Weymouth. Moss told that he like to set himself a program. He listened to the call of the birds while he was on a summer visit to the Park. Their sweet calls struck in his mind.

It has a zinging and ringing quality which once listened is never forgotten. Still, with reed bed 80 hectares he knew it would not be easy to get the photograph he really wanted. He also knew it would have to be a winter shot as the birds feed on ground insects in the summer and are rarely seen. This took him several visits to the Park. He even went there in some pretty cold weather to get a real good snap; therefore, he was very much delighted that it was Highly Commended in the contest.

Moss’ advice to all the would-be photographers that even include stating that there was a dire lot of luck in photography. But the time you put, the more you get lucky.

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International Wildlife Adventures backs polar bear photography

International Wildlife Adventures is now utilizing social mediums to bring forth awareness about polar bears in wild. The well known travel troupe is sponsoring Greatest Polar Bear Picture competition; open to their recent travelers to the Arctic, Manitoba and Canada.

The International Wildlife Adventures has asked very recent travelers to give their best snaps of polar bear to be posted on Facebook (album called Greatest Polar Bear Pictures album). In the competition, whose snap gets the most “Likes” would win a substantial discount off their next tour. International Wildlife Adventures decided to sponsor this competition in an ongoing effort to bring forth awareness of the real peril the bears face because of its shrinking habitat.

Susie Green, the director of International Wildlife Adventures, told that they believe that the more people see the magnificence and beauty of these endangered bears, the more people would feel compelled to do something to protect them. What better way to reach people than through Facebook.

She added that they expect that most entries would come from travelers who went to Manitoba, Churchill, the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’ where it is almost unheard of not to see polar bears. But the competition is also open to travelers who visited the Arctic. The sightings of Polar bear are not as numerous on visits to Greenland, Franz Josef Land or Spitsbergen.


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